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How to Build Staff Culture

Leadership | School-Culture

As part of a new video series from E3 Alliance, Matt Pope, Chief Transformation Officer, brings you top tips to help grow and strengthen your leadership, especially during these unprecedented times.

Your staff is the most important people on the front lines engaging with your families and students. Matt offers three tips on maintaining positive staff culture. Strengthening, supporting and loving your staff is crucial. Hear from Matt!

How to Build Student Culture

Leadership | School-Culture

Matt Pope, Chief Transformation Officer, brings you top tips to help grow and strengthen your student culture.

With a such a challenging few weeks that highlighted a massive disruption in routines and relationships for your students, Matt offers three ways to continue supporting every student and building student culture. Hear from Matt!

Leading Staff through Culture Building

Leadership | School-Culture

Learn how to broadcast and align your language to build a positive, focused culture on your campus using your mission, vision, values, and collective commitments.

Maximizing Distance Learning

Leadership | Effective-Instruction

School buildings may be closed for the rest of the year, but learning and academic progress continues remotely. In this episode of Ed Chats with Matt, Matt focuses on three areas to ensure your school is maximizing distance learning. Hear from Matt!

Planning for the 2020-21 School Year


How to plan for next year is the topic in this episode of Ed Chats with Matt. Before developing a comprehensive plan, first identify the challenges. Matt Pope, E3’s Chief Transformation Officer, suggests three questions to first ask your leadership team or staff. Hear from Matt!

In Part 2, Matt offers school leaders brainstorming prompts on planning for next year. He offers three potential opportunities to leverage future school years.

Problem-Solution Process for Leadership Teams


Although we might not have been prepared for our current reality, we do know potential challenges coming out of COVID-19 when school starts in the fall. That's why it's imperative school leaders build capacity, create commitment, and develop a flexible plan to support students and staff. In this episode of Ed Chats with Matt, Matt focuses on a three-step, problem-solution process you can perform with staff. Hear from Matt!

Attendance Strategies


Experts are predicting we could see large declines in student attendance this fall due to challenges from COVID-19. In this episode of Ed Chats with Matt, Matt provides three simple strategies that will get you on the right track.

Staff Culture: Part 2


Matt Pope, E3’s Chief Transformation officer, returns to the discussion on Staff Culture. Matt offers three more suggestions on building and strengthening this critical component to school success. Great ideas you can do this summer virtually and one tried-and-true method everyone appreciates.

Racial Equity and School Leadership

Leadership | Special-Populations

As we prepare to lead our schools next year, we must be beacons of hope and ambassadors of equity. We must work to end systematic racism and inequities in our schools. In this week’s Ed Chats with Matt, Chief Transformation Officer Matt Pope provides three approaches school leaders can take to begin this work.

Equitable High Quality Instruction

Leadership | Special-Populations | Effective-Instruction

In this episode Ed Chats with Matt, our Chief Transformation Officer, Matt Pope, focuses on how to provide equitable, high-quality instruction for all students. Matt discusses three fundamental areas of concentration you can work on now in preparation for the 2020-21 school year and beyond.

Leading Effective Professional Development


As a campus leader, learn how to lead effective professional development with staff and work as a group to plan.

Building and Supporting a Positive Student Culture


Discover how to help students feel like they belong, then make a way for them by giving them the building blocks to a strong, positive student culture.

Make Your Systems Work


Systems are the key to making a good school GREAT! Learn about the four components of an effective system and the five-step process your leadership team can follow to make your systems even stronger.

Effective Instruction to Ensure ALL Students Learn


It is more important than ever that every instructional minute is productive. Learn the important aspects of effective instruction for all classrooms to ensure all students learn.

Student Attendance Systems and Support

Leadership | School-Culture | Special-Populations

To benefit from campus culture and instruction, students must attend school regardless of modality. Learn how to upgrade your attendance team, ensure systems are in place to collect attendance data, and provide options that support all students.

Student Leadership in Learning and Beyond

Leadership | School-Culture

How will you engage your students this year? Provide pathways for students to become leaders of their school, classrooms, and themselves to deepen their connections with campus life.

Road to Recovery


The Road to Recovery series helps school leaders overcome challenges and helps to develop a Priority Playbook for school success.

Part 1 focuses on the five priority planning areas, actionable strategies for successful leadership, and the Exclusive Recovery Tool.

Part 2 takes a deeper dive into our Priority Playbook and how to adapt for your school with tangible examples for each category.

Part 3 guides you in the areas of safety, attendance, culture and instruction to guide you in the Road to Recovery and develop a plan to move forward towards Recovery and Transformation.

Part 4 provides ideas on how to modify and adapt current plans for continued success into the spring semester.

Part 5 shares actionable strategies to focus on what kids need to know, instead of what they are missing, and to ensure “acceleration” is integrated through all systems and practices.

Part 6 gives insight and inspiration through ideas for reintegration of students and staff to help start the 2021-22 school year strong.

Top 5 Priorities for Improving Student Attendance

Special-Populations | School-Culture

Top 5 Priorities for Students Right Now

Special-Populations | School-Culture

Attendance Protocol

Special-Populations | School-Culture

Cultural Data Protocol


Professional Collaboration Index

Special-Populations | Effective-Instruction

Use this decision-making tool for evaluating the professional educator mindset and practice of collaboration and learning in your school community.

7 Students, 7 Teachers


Through improvised role play, participants will gain insight into the challenges facing adolescents enrolled in a traditional, public middle school. These students are asked to move typically between seven different classrooms that vary in expectations, processes and systems. It is inordinately challenging for students to manage the transitions and perform successfully.

The Campus Instructional Playbook Checklist


Protocol for Leveraging Data


ELL Rubric


The ELL Rubric is a research-based tool originally developed in fall of 2009 and piloted in spring 2010 by members of the Central Texas ELL Collaborative. It has been updated to include promising practices supporting academic growth identified in the spring of 2013 through research conducted in the Bright Spots Study for English Language Learners.

Attendance Strategies: Part 2

Special-Populations | School-Culture

In this episode of Ed Chats with Matt, Chief Transformation Officer Matt Pope highlights three more tips education leaders can do now to heighten students' and staff attendance and engagement.

How to Build a Place of Belonging with Staff


This episode’s Ed Chats with Matt covers how to foster a place to belong with your staff. You don't need a building to make this happen. Matt offers three tips to connect with staff, involve them, especially teachers who are on the front line, and build commitment.

Leading the Start of the 2020-21 School Year


In this episode of Ed Chats with Matt, he provides strategies that focus on safety, culture, and instruction to ensure you are ready to launch into a great school year!

Hybrid School Walk Through Example

Leadership | Effective-Instruction

School leaders can use this detailed document to share with their educators to support professional learning and coaching, particularly through this year of in-person, virtual and asynchronous classrooms.

Why Focusing on School Culture is Crucial

Leadership | School-Culture

What is School Culture? How does it work? What are the best strategies and tools to build a positive culture for your students and staff? Watch this short video for helpful tips.

Your Campus Instructional Playbook

Leadership | Effective-Instruction

Keep your Campus Instructional Playbook alive during virtual learning. Watch this short video to learn some ideas that will bring continuity to your staff and students.

Using the Unit Organizer: RaiseUp Texas

Leadership | Effective-Instruction

Access ideas and tips on using your unit organizer in this short video, such as adding links, assigning tasks, and employing web apps.

Online Learning Resource Guide

Leadership | Effective-Instruction | Special-Populations

Whether virtual learners are adults or students, we believe online learning will be an intricate part of our education system moving forward. This resource guide includes tips, strategies, and best practices to help you engage in an online environment that fosters learning, thoughtful discourse, and reflective dialogue and feedback.

Top 5 Priorities for Instructional Coaches Right Now

Leadership | Effective-Instruction | Special-Populations | School-Culture

Top 5 Priorities for Principals Right Now

Leadership | Effective-Instruction | Special-Populations | School-Culture

Top 5 Priorities for Teachers Right Now

Leadership | Effective-Instruction | Special-Populations | School-Culture

School Culture

Leadership | School-Culture

Chief Transformation Officer Matt Pope provides a quick review on the foundation of a positive school culture.

Effective Instruction in Any Modality

Leadership | Effective-Instruction

Listen to a Minute with Matt to learn how to monitor and support your teachers to ensure success for all.

Family Engagement

Leadership | School-Culture

Chief Transformation Officer Matt Pope gives you quick tips you can implement today to engage your families.

How to Make Equity the Focus

Leadership | Effective-Instruction| Special-Populations | School-Culture

Learn strategies to help guide you to ensure equity for ALL from Chief Transformation Officer Matt Pope.

Be the Best Leader You Can Be

Leadership | School-Culture

Matt Pope, Chief Transformation Officer, talks about facing incredible challenges and the need to be the best leaders possible.

Match Activities to Standards

Leadership | Effective-Instruction | Special-Populations

Listen to Chief Transformation Officer Matt Pope for tips on how to support teachers to ensure activities and lessons always correlate to the standards.

Day 1 Plan

Leadership | Effective-Instruction | Special-Populations | School-Culture

Matt Pope, Chief Transformation Officer, shares strategies to guide you in your work as you continuously phase in students onto campus.

Filtering and Sharing Communications

Leadership | School-Culture

Matt Pope, Chief Transformation Officer, provides helpful tips to help directly align strategies and messaging of your school.

How and Why Attendance Equals Engagement

Leadership | School-Culture

Discover how and why attendance equals engagement. We discuss two options on how to support student attendance: ask questions about your data and help students get to school.

Top 5 Ideas for Virtual Professional Development

Leadership | School-Culture

For each of these ideas, organization and structure is the KEY! Download the PDF below the graphic for details on each of these virtual PD ideas.

Top 5 Ways to Engage Families of Remote Learners

Leadership | Effective-Instruction | School-Culture | Special-Populations

Right Here, Right Now


Learn about responsive instructional practices the E3 team has observed and supported over the last 10 months. We have continued to partner with and work alongside districts and schools throughout the challenges presented during this extraordinary year. As a result, we have developed a unique perspective and acquired a focused set of experiences we’d like to share.

Attendance Tiered Support Menu Template

Leadership | School-Culture

Download this template for your school's attendance team to use when identifying the three tiers of support in student attendance.

Supporting and Monitoring Effective Instruction

Leadership | Effective-Instruction

Effective instruction is the #1 factor in determining student achievement, especially as we avoid turning the COVID-19 situation into a generational education crisis. We discuss how to support effective instruction with your educators and how to monitor the work.

Keeping Culture Alive

School-Culture | Leadership

Uncover new ideas and examples on school culture that you can share with your campus leaders. You’ll dig into why school culture is a priority, how to use leadership work to support culture and inspire leaders to foster that culture.

Attend - Commit - Engage: Resources for Schools and Families to ACE the School Year

School-Culture | Leadership

A team of Central Texas educators and practitioners came together to address the new challenges of student attendance, commitment, and engagement and created resources for schools to use. The new Attend - Commit - Engage campaign is a result of their work to promote a partnership between schools and families that allow students to ACE their school year.

ACE Webinar for Central Texas Educators:

More ACE Resources

Alleviate Stress on Campus

Leadership | School-Culture

Matt Pope, Chief Transformation Officer, explains his ideas on lightening the load you and your staff may be needing.

Managing Time

Leadership | School-Culture

Matt Pope, Chief Transformation Officer, shares tips on how to manage your time that will benefit you and your staff!

Start the New Year Right

Leadership | School-Culture

How do we start a new year in the right direction? Matt Pope, Chief Transformation Officer, says to center on your mindset and behavior.

Get on the Right Track Right Now

Leadership | School-Culture

Have you been holding off on making a change even though you KNOW something isn't working? NOW is the time to let go of the apprehension and take the leap. Matt gives three tips to help you think through the challenge.

Capitalize on Opportunities Today

Leadership | School-Culture

In this Ed Chat, Chief Transformation Officer Matt Pope talks about two opportunities that have emerged from the countless challenges these past 10 months. These silver linings can help school leaders finish the academic year strong and plan for a more robust fall.

Simplify to Amplify, Part 1

Leadership | Effective-Instruction

In this first Work Smarter NOT Harder episode, Leticia Maynard explains how to gain time by simplifying WHAT you are teaching to the critical focus standards and spend time on the things that matter most for student mastery and future success.

Simplify to Amplify, Part 2

Leadership | Effective-Instruction | School-Culture

In this Work Smarter NOT Harder episode, Amy Havard shares HOW to amplify the work you KNOW makes a difference by taking the time to do it right.

Student Engagement

Leadership | Effective-Instruction | School-Culture

In this Work Smarter NOT Harder episode, Lori Davis explains how to set the tone to improve student engagement. Listen for ideas to get students to attend and ENGAGE.

Getting to the Root of the Problem


Getting to the root of a problem changes the way you think about how to solve it effectively. In this Work Smarter Not Harder episode, Janelle and Tim Persall explain a valuable strategy to help pinpoint the true cause so an appropriate solution can be designed. Only then can you move forward in transformation!

Connections Matter

Leadership | School Culture

Whether students are learning remotely or in person, connections matter. They help students get better grades, score well on tests, attend school more regularly, and stay in school longer. How can we do this? In this Work Smarter NOT Harder episode, Teri Clement explains how to launch CREWS on your campus.

Leading Change

Leadership | School-Culture

Lead Change using a coaching mindset of ABC - Always Be Coaching. This means finding the daily, countless occasions, in between the typical coaching opportunities, to incorporate this approach. In this Work Smarter NOT Harder episode, Teri Clement explains how to carry out this important mindset for school leaders.

Accelerated Learning for ALL

Leadership | Effective-Instruction

The events of this past year have widened opportunity gaps for students, making accelerated learning essential for leaders looking forward to next year. In this Work Smarter NOT Harder episode, Amy Havard explains the meaning of accelerated learning and how to transform your thinking to look forward.

Strategic Staffing

Leadership | School-Culture

Build and keep the “right” team by staffing strategically to support accelerated learning for ALL students. In this Work Smarter NOT Harder episode, Lori Davis explains how to ensure the highest quality professionals are engaged and working in the system of shared beliefs.

Keeping a Laser-Like Focus on Students

Leadership | Effective-Instruction

Hear from Matt Pope, our Chief Transformation Officer, about how to keep students at the center of your work.

Designing Accelerated Learning

Leadership | School-Culture

In this first episode of a three-part series on planning for the upcoming academic year, Matt Pope, Chief Transformation Officer, provides three top tips on setting up accelerated learning and ensuring remote students are connected and engaged.

Staff Hiring

Leadership | School-Culture

Hiring the right staff for any school year requires a thoughtful process. Matt gives three terrific tips on ensuring you select the best staff that fits your school culture and team. Get ideas in just two minutes! Listen now!


Leadership | Effective-Instruction | School-Culture

What can you do now to plan for 2021-22? Lay the groundwork for Reintegration! Matt gives three practical takeaways on preparing for when staff and students are integrated for in-person learning. Get ideas in just 2 minutes! Listen now.

The Pandemic Principal

School-Culture | Effective-Instruction | Leadership

As education dramatically shifted during the COVID-19 pandemic, the work of the principal also evolved and intensified. Matt Pope, Chief Transformation Officer, breaks down this leadership role and provides three key things to focus on as leaders move forward during this ongoing opportunity to transform.

Scheduling Accelerated Learning

Leadership | Effective-Instruction | School-Culture

How do you find time for accelerated learning for all students during the school day? Get creative! Try these ideas from Tim and Janelle Persall.

Leadership Power Moves

School-Culture | Leadership

As we determine new actions to improve attendance, fine-tune effective instruction, and tackle so many other difficult challenges magnified by the pandemic, school leaders are faced with steering the work. How can you best react to these challenges? Leticia Maynard, Director of School Transformation, suggests these three power moves to strengthen your leadership: listen, let go, and love.

How to Build Accelerated Learning Mindset Among Staff

Leadership | Effective-Instruction

How do you build an Accelerated Learning mindset for all staff? Here is an example of how to use an article or book that will provide the why and a shared language for moving forward as a campuswide team. Get all the details on how to successfully carry out the activity by listening to E3's Amy Havard.

Post-Pandemic Fuel for Growth: Webinar Series

School-Culture | Leadership

There has been much talk about recovery, but not many solid ideas about HOW school and district leaders can lead. For schools and districts to thrive next year and beyond, a new mindset and approach is critical. Watch our recorded webinar sessions with Lesli Laughter, Chief Academic Officer at 806 Technologies, and Matt Pope, Chief Transformation Officer at E3 Alliance.

Part 1 | Frame, Focus, Move Forward focuses on developing a planning tool and framework that sets you up for success.

Part 2 | Forward Momentum guides you on strengthening resilience and increasing shared leadership while learning a framework to add to your leadership toolbox.

Steps to Amplify Learning

Effective-Instruction | Leadership

Tim and Janelle Persall provide the steps in examining courses and selecting those standards that are most essential within each unit for mastery of the course as a whole.

Celebrating End of Year

School-Culture | Leadership

Matt offers three sensational ideas on how to celebrate, recognize, and build up your students. Get ideas in just two minutes.

Celebrating End of Year with Staff

School-Culture | Leadership

Matt shares three ways to show teachers and staff you care. Get ideas in only two minutes!

5 Pandemic Positives to Leverage for Real Change

School-Culture | Leadership | Effective-Instruction

Director of School Transformation, Teri Clement, highlights 5 unexpected but welcome gains that educators, if properly leveraged, could catapult schools over some long-standing barriers and into a new era of innovation and progress.

Instructional Leadership Systems

Effective-Instruction | School-Culture | Leadership

School leaders must be more strategic than ever about the systems used to lead effective instruction for our students. Watch this two-part series on Accelerated Learning for ALL. Target audience: classroom teachers, teacher leaders, principals, assistant principals, and instructional coaches.

Part 1: Instructional Leadership Systems addresses the WHY and HOW so educators can ensure they are moving away from a remediation mindset to one of acceleration that focuses on what students need to know, instead of what they are missing.

Part 2: Instructional Strategies provides guidance on how classroom teachers can implement planning and instructional strategies to accelerate learning with a laser focus on the current grade-level essential standards.

Top 5 Must-Knows About Accelerated Learning

Effective-Instruction | Leadership

Planning for High-Quality Professional Learning

School-Culture | Leadership

In this four-part series, Matt breaks down the steps to ensure effective professional learning for your campus staff throughout the school year.

Part 1 outlines the first step of building a foundation of beliefs and understanding.

Part 2 discusses two important approaches when structuring professional learning.

Part 3 explains how to align professional learning with your key focus areas.

Part 4 gives three practical ideas on how to lead professional learning. Download an example of the first idea below.

Interactive Game Board for Professional Learning

School-Culture | Leadership

Watch Teri Clement explain the idea of an interactive game board as part of your campus professional learning for staff.

Top 5 Ways to Build Relationships in Schools

School-Culture | Leadership

Top 5 Relationship-Building Actions for Principals

School-Culture | Leadership

Designing a Meaningful Start for Staff and Students

School-Culture | Leadership | Effective-Instruction

Each August school leaders have an opportunity to set the tone and create the conditions on campus where everyone can engage and thrive throughout the year. Explore ideas and examples for engineering moments and creating ways to connect and inspire staff and students from day one.