Exciting news! The Texas Education Agency’s 2024-2026 Effective Schools Framework Focused Support Grant application period is open until April 1, 2024.
E3 Transformation Services


Systems Alignment that Gets Results

E3 Alliance provides support tailored to the needs of each school, including professional learning, coaching, and hands-on tools, helping leaders develop aligned systems that build a positive culture and improve instructional practices.

E3 Alliance is proud to be a TEA ESF Vetted Program.

They aligned their systems.

Student outcomes improved.

Your turn.

More than 30 principals in schools across 14 districts in the state of Texas trusted E3 Alliance as a partner to improve their student outcomes using TEA’s Effective Schools Framework.

The results listed below reflect the first year of a two-year grant cycle.

“Working with E3 Alliance is the right choice; they don’t come in and tell you what to do. Instead, they look at your campus, your strengths and goals, then help you develop a plan with clear focus that meets those goals.”

—Ruby Gonzalez

Principal, Jose Borrego Middle School

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of campuses increased accountability ratings in the first year


schools improved by 10-15 accountability points


schools advanced one or more letter grade rating


schools working with E3 Alliance earned distinctions


tailored service when working with E3 Alliance

Aligned Systems for Student-Centered Schools

E3 Alliance experts collaborate with you to refine leadership, school culture, and Tier 1 instruction practices that serve as the foundation for systems alignment and long-term sustainability.

We meet your challenges through:

  • Tailored support based on needs of leaders and campus
  • Alignment with all 5 ESF Levers
  • Professional Learning Sessions
  • A variety of coaching options
    • Individual or group leadership coaching (principals, assistant principals, instructional coaches, instructional leadership team)
    • Individual or group instructional coaching (best practices or content specific) for your teachers
    • Team or Peer Learning Community coaching
  • Virtual Learning & Networking Sessions
  • Targeted Improvement Plan Support
ESF Levers
Lever 1
Strong School Leadership and Planning
Lever 2
Strategic Staffing
Lever 3
Positive School Culture
Lever 4
HQIM & Assessments
Lever 5
Effective Instruction
Alignment to Levers
Achieve Your Vision
School Culture
Empower Your Campus
Effective Instruction
Strengthen Your Instruction

Increased student achievement through professional learning, coaching, and tools that develop systems that leverage campus or district strengths and ensure implementation

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