E3 Transformation Services


Achieve Your Vision

Leverage your strengths and overcome barriers for exceptional leadership by clarifying your focus, implementing a strategic plan that elevates your team’s leadership, and fortifies your investments for lasting student outcomes.

E3 solutions help you remove roadblocks impacting your team. Our experience, coaching, and tools enable you to collaboratively lead and maximize your efforts by improving strategies, focus, and cohesion.

Maximize your strengths to discover, transform, and sustain with an E3 partnership.


Find Your Focus

  • Uncover underlying factors impacting students’ performance
  • Identify hindering instructional practices or cultural barriers
  • Evaluate current leadership teams
  • Utilize data to inform best investments & focus areas


Execute with Confidence

  • Use criteria to prioritize your implementation plans
  • Build strong leadership teams
  • Develop tailored playbooks & systems for success
  • Improve communication & alignment
  • Design schedules & structures for collaboration & learning


Create Long-term Change

  • Implement durable systems with shared leadership
  • Support team resilience in response to challenges
  • Fortify continuous improvement with monitoring & support
  • Grow a pipeline of leaders to sustain success
  • "E3’s leadership training allowed me to focus on my teachers’ growth. Instead of identifying one teacher’s strength or lack of strength, I can now see everybody’s strength from different perspectives and then build upon that."
  • - Ana Holland
  • Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Leadership
  • Point Isabel ISD