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Jose Borrego Middle School Success Story

Rural Campus Secures 6 TEA Designations, Advances Two Letter Ratings


Nestled in the heart of the southernmost region of Texas, Jose Borrego Middle School is a beacon of hope and education for the small rural community of Monte Alto. As part of Monte Alto ISD, Jose Borrego is the only middle school in the district and serves as a bridge between the elementary school and the high school.

With a student body of 199 and a dedicated staff of one principal, one counselor, one instructional coach, and 16 teachers, the campus is a tight-knit community where students and staff work together to achieve academic success.

In 2019, the last year of a TEA rating before beginning their partnership with E3 Alliance, the school received a "D" accountability rating, indicating that there was room for improvement.


In 2021, school administration continued to cope with the ongoing challenges of the pandemic including low morale and significant learning gaps among students.

Teachers and staff were concerned that their work was not making the impact needed to move students forward. Preparing students for state testing after school closures and test suspensions amplified the difficulties.

Expected Outcomes

School leaders envisioned preparing students academically and socially for the years ahead; however, the pandemic stunted development and devastated learning. Leaders desperately wanted to catch up, excel, and restore pride for students and the Monte Alto community. 

Implementation Timeline and Support


Campus leaders engaged with E3 experts in a collaborative needs’ assessment, which allowed the E3 team to design tailored professional development for leaders and teachers.

This included learning new protocols and processes for leading and monitoring instruction. Campus leaders participated in in-person coaching, focusing on leadership systems, instructional practices, and strategies to guide change.


Led by the E3 team, Jose Borrego’s principal and instructional coach created systems for leadership and instruction that served their campus best. The school’s limited leadership staff required a different set of approaches. Together, they crafted a purpose-built methodology that suited the school’s special set of circumstances.

During in-person coaching visits, participants reviewed the E3 Alliance School Leadership Systems Checklist to support the implementation of their distinctive protocols and processes. The School Leadership System Checklist helped school leaders identify rising needs and offered opportunities for further professional learning and refinements.

Ultimately, they created a culture of continuous improvement for practices that would impact instruction and perfect the school’s leadership team efforts. The team expanded to include teacher leaders who today are equipped to identify and carry out high-quality instruction for their students.


Currently in the sustainability phase, E3 staff continues to collaborate with the well-established school leadership team to evaluate their improved systems and plan for the upcoming school year. With this expanded leadership team of administration and teachers, the foundation at Jose Borrego is strong.

They developed a plan to sustain the changes created, then accepted and implemented the steps. At the same time, they continue to build instructional capacity, campuswide confidence in leading effective instruction, and the ability to reflect on outcomes and improve when necessary.

Positive Impact

The impact of this work has been astounding. Through collaborative work with E3 Alliance coaches, Jose Borrego leadership aligned their efforts and developed an instructional framework that supports the needs of their distinct student body. They developed a system to monitor and support efforts to improve Tier 1 instruction.

As a small rural campus, the principal tailored a system that supported ongoing work, while successfully managing the duties of overseeing a rural middle school. Today, teachers and staff operate more efficiently, working smarter not harder, while students reap the most benefit of all – learning well and preparing for the next part of their educational journey.

With E3’s coaching support, campus leaders aligned their district and campus initiatives. Campus leaders:

  • Created a Campus Instructional Playbook to structure instruction
  • Learned new protocols and processes for improving the quality of instruction
  • Developed a walkthrough system to monitor and support instruction
  • Designed a collaborative learning environment for staff
  • Built instructional capacity across all grade levels
  • Protected staff time that strengthens their professional learning community allowing leaders to spearhead staff development and data talks that refine instructional practices
  • Trained teachers for leadership roles for the benefit of an expanded campus leadership team
  • Developed, accepted, and implemented a plan to sustain the changes created
  • Evaluated to improve upon systems and plan for upcoming school year

Jose Borrego has transitioned into a collaborative learning environment for teachers who are now more committed to improving the quality of instruction for their students’ academic development.

Why E3 Alliance?

As a TEA-vetted organization, E3 Alliance focuses on transforming education systems through data and collaboration so all students succeed. E3’s school transformation experts work with district leaders to identify ways that will equip educators with the tools and skill sets to offset the challenges.

Partnership Formed

To address their goals, Jose Borrego staff partnered with E3 Alliance in the fall of 2021 with a focus on making improvements in three key areas: Strong Leadership Systems, High-Quality Instruction, and Data-Driven Instruction.

E3 specialists and school leaders collaborated to pinpoint the solutions needed for their unique campus. Through the discovery, transformation, and sustainability phases, Jose Borrego educators are implementing new tools and processes through the 2022-2023 school year that are proving groundbreaking.


Jose Borrego exceeded all expectations. After 2022 STAAR testing, Jose Borrego received six out of seven distinctions, including Academic Achievement in Math, Science, and Social Studies plus Top 25 Percent: Comparative Academic Growth and Closing the Gaps. They improved the overall school rating, moving from a “D” in 2019 to a “B” in 2022.

Most importantly, they have experienced a schoolwide transformation that will continue to support all students on their campus for years to come. The leadership team implemented systems that prioritized instruction and built a culture centered on what is best for their students.

Jose Borrego Middle School is a shining example of what can be achieved when dedicated educators come together to make a real difference in the lives of their students.

“Working with E3 Alliance is the right choice; they don’t come in and tell you what to do. Instead, they look at your campus, your strengths and goals, then help you develop a plan with clear focus that meets those goals.”

—Ruby Gonzalez

Principal, Jose Borrego Middle School