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Benito Martinez Elementary Success Story

Ratings for West Texas Rural Elementary Jump After Aligning Student-Centered Instructional Practices


Lying on the far east border of Texas, Benito Martinez Elementary School is in close proximity to the U.S.-Mexico border and serves a large population of emergent bilinguals. This small rural community of Fort Hancock ISD is home to a single elementary, middle, and high school.

About 184 students from Pre-kindergarten through 5th grade attend Benito Martinez. School leadership consists of a principal and assistant principal with support from the district assistant superintendent and 14 teachers.

In 2019, the last year of a TEA rating before beginning their partnership with E3 Alliance, the school received a “D” accountability rating.


Understanding their low-student impact and inability to close gaps for struggling students, school leadership recognized their greatest challenge was to overcome the lack of inconsistent, research-based instructional practices across classrooms.

Teachers and staff felt their hard work was not reflecting in their student and campus data. The added pressures of preparing a large population of bilingual students for testing after TEA suspended for two years, led district and campus leadership to take a chance on a new approach. They turned to E3 Alliance.

Expected Outcomes

School and district leaders aspired to increase capacity and consistency across each classroom. Leaders desired positive academic impact in their students. They wanted teachers to feel professionally supported, as they addressed the needs in their classroom.

Implementation Timeline and Support


District and school leaders communicated with E3 about the explicit priorities they had for their school. They knew their struggles and were clear about their goal. Together with the E3 team, they conducted a needs assessment to evaluate the systems that supported their goals and targets. District and campus leaders participated in virtual and in-person coaching, focusing on their campus leadership systems, instructional practices, and strategies.


In the fall of 2021, the E3 team provided support with professional learning and leadership tools tailored to the staff’s unique circumstances. The leadership team at Benito Martinez, with the support of E3, collaborated on the refinement of their systems to ensure they were aligned to their goals.

During in-person coaching visits, they used the School Leadership Systems Checklist to support the implementation of their plan, evaluate their progress, and develop next steps. Together, they developed a Campus Instructional Playbook focused on researched-based teaching strategies that best supported their students and aligned their walkthrough system to the Playbook.

Their new walkthrough system outlined prescriptive feedback, allowing teachers to understand specific changes to make and how to make them. Through these supports, campus leaders and staff were empowered to create an environment of continuous improvement.

By the second year of system implementation, district and campus leadership fortified an energized team of teacher leaders that strengthened their capacity and ability to create high-quality instruction for their students.


The team at Benito Martinez Elementary continues to collaborate with the E3 team to ensure the systems perform well under unexpected circumstances and fluctuating student needs.

In addition to creating systems that work for this campus, the district began a process to clearly identify their district framework, laying a foundation for years to come. They continue to work on building a community of aligned instructional practices that best serve the unique student population of their district. The alignment of these strategies builds instructional capacity and districtwide understanding of Fort Hancock ISD’s priorities.

Positive Impact

The collaborative work between staff at Benito Martinez Elementary and E3 coaches significantly impacted students' academic development and teacher growth.The collaboration ensured the alignment between instruction and campus goals, which enhanced the impact on student academic success.

Development of leadership systems aligned to effective instruction gave the principal support needed to lead instruction and help teachers create an environment where students are more engaged and motivated learners. Overall, the Benito Martinez community operates in a more supportive and comprehensive learning environment that continues to promote both teacher and student success.

Why E3 Alliance?

E3 Alliance is a mission-driven organization focused on transforming education systems through data and collaboration so all students succeed. E3 works with school districts and campus leadership to implement sustainable, positive student outcomes through proprietary and proven, data-backed frameworks and systems.

Partnership Formed

Benito Martinez partnered with E3 Alliance in the fall of 2021. Their focus was on Strong Leadership Systems and Data-Driven Instruction. The E3 team and school leaders worked together to assess needs and developed a plan tailored to their campus. Through the discovery, transformation, and sustainability phases, Benito Martinez leaders and educators refined their current systems and processes through the 2021-2023 school years.


After 2022 STAAR testing, Benito Martinez Elementary earned two distinctions and an improved overall rating of a “B”. They received an “A” for School Progress and a “C” for Closing the Gaps, along with distinctions for Academic Achievement in English/Language Arts/Reading and Top 25%: Comparative Academic Growth.

The improvements created a positive school culture that values collaboration, continuous learning, and student success. Their hard work and collaboration with E3 benefited both teachers and students by promoting a supportive and encouraging learning environment for years to come.

“Our teachers have developed a positive rapport with the E3 Alliance team that is built on trust. E3’s education experts support our school leaders through an encouraging and non-judgmental environment in which our teachers feel comfortable having open conversations about their progress and opportunities for growth.”

—Yvonne Samaniego

Associate Superintendent, Fort Hancock ISD